“Thanks so much Mark your program saved my life.”         

John S. – Minneapolis, Mn
“This program changes lives ! finally I have control of my life back.
Ted P. – Little Rock, Ar
“This program really targets the origin of intrusive thoughts.”
Jennifer W. – Hanover Pa

“I purchased your program because I believed in your story and could relate to you I’m glad I did.”

Robert J. – Albany, Ny
“I just want to thank you for your follow-up after my purchase I had some questions and you responded and helped me with the process thanks Mark.” 
Tina H. – Omaha, Ne
“Mark you saved our family, my husband suffered from this his whole life and now I able to meet the man I first met…god bless you Mark.”
Silvia B. – Towson Md
“I love your program and whats nice is that it lets me focus on me everyday, it forces me to take care of myself and my ocd.” 
Janice C. – Tallahassee Fl
“I appreciate you sharing your life’s story and just want to thank you for being the person you are.”
Felicia T. – Billings, MT
“What a small price to pay for peace of mind just wish I didn’t wait 3 months to buy it.”
Nathan P. – Tuscon, AR
“This program is truly a miracle and saved my life thank you Mark .”
David S. – Raleigh, NC
“This program really works and you can do it anywhere thank you Mark for this gift.”
Robin W. – Fresno, CA
“I was skeptical at first but after purchasing the program and listening to the q and a with Mark and Dan it made me feel like I could do anything…thank you so much Mark.”
  Paul N. – Santa Fe, NM
“I’ve shared my success  with so many of my friends in my ocd support group I can’t wait for them to feel peace of mind for themselves.”
Sarah H. – Tulsa, OK
“Like your facebook page says “What’s your peace of mind worth?” I’ve suffered from this since being a teenager and now at age 28 I finally am reclaiming my life…Thank you Mark.”
Trevor J. – Buffalo, NY
“Mark, I go back to the Q & A session once a week to keep me focused, you’re like a life coach for OCD. You’re truly amazing, thanks for giving me my life back.”
Linda L. – Fort Myers, FL
“I thought I was a lost cause but decided to take a chance thank god I did. It’s been 2 months and it’s really working. I was contemplating suicide and this I mean you saved my life.”
Kimberly S. – Fargo, ND
“I saw your program in one of my ocd groups and really listened to your story. I could tell you suffered from ocd so I took a chance…that was 5 months ago …thank you Mark.”
Tony J. – Lansing, MI
“My wife suffered from ocd for more than 20 yrs. I spent thousands of dollars with shrinks and therapists and took a chance on your program. Best money ever spent. My wife does this everyday and has never been better. Thank god for you Mark, I can’t thank you enough.”
  Donald F. – Springfield, MO
“I’m 57 and have suffered from this my whole life. I came across your program on facebook and figured 99 bucks is nothing if it works. Believe me I was skeptical, but after getting the plan and seeing how you’ve developed it and how it targets these thoughts, I was excited to get started and I haven’t been excited about anything in a long time. Thank you Mark for teaching an old dog a new trick.”
Thomas N. – Lubbock, TX
“For anybody out there that is thinking about purchasing this miracle of a program ” just do it. ” The longer you wait, the more upset you’re going to get once it starts working…and it will! Don’t waste another minute, invest in yourself and in Mark. This man is changing lives… “
Julian T. – Washington DC
“This program saved my marriage. My wife just couldn’t deal with my ocd anymore or with me for that matter. I was beyond desperate and borrowed money for your program. All I can say is God acts in mysterious ways. This was the best decision of my life and words cannot express how I feel about you and  this wonderful life-saving program…god bless you Mark.”
Bill & Tina E. – Harrisonburg, WV
“Thank you Mark for having the courage to search for as you say “a better way” because its saving lives and giving people hope…people like me bless you Mark.”
Aaron P. – Eugene, OR
I can’t believe how this program works and its so easy. I just do it everyday and will for the rest of my life…thank you Mark for giving me my life back.”
  Jodie S. – San Jose, CA
“I was like you at wits end with no where to turn and figured what have I got to lose. Your story inspired me and I took a chance and all I can say is bless you and thank you.”
  Paulette J. – Biloxi, MS
“Your program gave me my life back, my family back and anybody, I mean anybody who wants to beat this disease…should just get the program because it works. thank you Mark you’re a godsend.”
Richard T. – Green Bay, WI
I found this on youtube and really related to your story. That’s what made me purchase the program…I saw myself in you.”
Tony M. – Bangor, ME
“I just can’t believe all the time I wasted changing doctors, medications, etc. – the system just wants to push pills down your throat, this goes against everything they want you to believe- thank god you had the courage to seek a better way – if it wasn’t for your medication failing you, you never would of came up with this program, funny how things work sometimes.”
  Elizabeth B. – Mobile A
“Like you say mark “this will revolutionize the way we treat ocd forever, I’m living proof of that.”
Harrison G. – Erie PA
“In my country there is not many alternatives to medication for ocd, this is a modern miracle and I just want to thank you sir.”
Habeeb I. – Madurai, India
“I really appreciate the 1 month follow-up email and a way to contact you with any questions it made me feel so not alone…”
Chrissy  B. – Yuma, AZ
“Your program changed my life and my family thanks you. god bless you Mark.”
  The C. Family – Wilmington, DE

“I thought I was all alone in my fight against this ocd until I came across your program on youtube, your story made me believe that I wasn’t alone and once I purchased the program, your follow up reassured that. Thank you so much Mark.”

Gary L. – Knoxville, TN
“You literally saved my life and I don’t know how to thank you. I will tell everyone about this wonderful program thanks Mark.”
Jeff M. – Columbus OH
“I can finally spend time with my family again rather than being overwhelmed by my thoughts . thank you sir.”
Peter K. – Colorado Springs, CO
“This is truly a miracle. I can’t believe how it works and is actually fun to do.”
Robbie T. – Savannah, GA
“The question and answer part of the program has been my go to and keeps me focused no matter how bad my ocd is. I know this is going  to work. Thanks for being there Mark.”
Thomas K. – Charleston, NC
“I’ve been in therapy, been to see numerous dr’s, hospitalized and nothing has ever worked until this, you saved me Mark … “
Susan J. – Reno, NV
“I live in the UK and have suffered from ocd my entire adult life I’m now 37 and I must tell you this program really targets the thoughts until they are gone. It’s amazing how Mark has targeted the brain at the center of the thought process. Well done sir.”
Nathaniel C. – Lancaster, England
“I’ll be honest, I didn’t know what to expect when I purchased your program, but I could relate to your story. So I bought it and when I came to your formula page and saw and listened to your passion as well as how scientific your approach was, well, right then and there I knew I made the right decision. That was 6 months ago. Thanks Mark, you should be proud of the gift you have given to the ocd community and the world.”
Brian M. – Reading, PA
“My life was in shambles…I lost my job and was living with friends when I bought your program. The last 5 months have been a whirlwind. It’s like I went back to my childhood, when I didn’t have intrusive thoughts. Since then, I got a better job and I’m finally enjoying life again. I am proud to be me, its been a long, long time for me to be able to say that.” Thank you Mark.”
Sherry T. – Portland, ME
“Thanks for everything Mark. It takes a lot of courage to post your life story and share it with the world.”
Pamela L. – Tampa Bay, FL
“I can’t thank you enough  for literally holding my hand through the process. I really took advantage of your contact email and you didn’t let me down. You saw me through a lot of tough days, ones where I doubted myself and this program. It’s nice to know someone out there cares about you when you  have nobody…thank you Mark.”
Carrie  J. – Topeka, KS
“Mark, your Q & A session is amazing and truly shows your passion for helping others, while inspiring them at the same time. Well done.”
Mr. Edward J. – Chicago, IL
“God bless you Mark for this program. I was without hope and had no one to help me. This program saved my life and the question and answer session became my best friend.”
   Maryanne C. – Jackson, MS
“I can’t believe people complain about it costing $99. This program is worth 10 times that with all the one on one time you get with Mark where else can you go and buy something and actually get to talk with the inventor and actually have him care about your well  being. You’re awesome Mark!”
Jackson B. – New York, NY
“You really saved my family Mark. I was out of control and my wife came across your program and purchased it for me. You remember her, she spoke with you on several occasions before even showing me the program and you were instrumental in putting her mind at ease and showing her the best way for me to use the program. God bless you Mark.”
The S. Family – Laredo, TX
“I only wish this program was available 20 yrs ago. I can never get those years back, but you’ve taught me to look forward and to live my life and thanks to your program I can do just that.” 
Anthony  L. – Casper, WY
“Thanks Mark for giving me my life back! Words cannot express this gift you have bestowed upon me and my family. God bless you Mark.”
Mr & Mrs Robert J. – Havre de Grace, MD
“My daughter suffers from severe ocd and is at a young age. She’s 18 and through all the research I’ve done, this is usually the beginning of the cycle like in your story. I must say, your story really hit home and gave my family hope for my daughter. I just wanted to thank you for your ongoing support through our tough time. You truly went over and beyond the call.  Our daughter is getting better everyday. Thanks again Mark.
Joy K. – Ontario, Canada
“This has been the best thing that ever happened to me. It has re-shaped my world and given me hope for the first time in a long time. I am actually out there living  life now, rather than in some self-help group, letting my ocd control it. You can’t put a price on freedom. Well, maybe you can and its only $99 bucks…thanks for giving me my life back.”
Jerry B. – Madison, WI

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